Josh Fritz Friedensohn

I am a Los Angeles-based, New York-born Technical Designer, Engineer and Maker. I love being involved with projects from the initial concept phase all the way through execution, and I enjoy the fast-paced environment of the entertainment industry. I currently work as a Project Manager/Designer at Rando Productions, where I design and execute mechanical effects for Theme Parks.

Where would be the fun in making something you knew was going to work? - Neil Gaiman

I believe that at the root of all great work are people: people who create beautiful art, who leverage technology to build the world’s most amazing machines, and who collaborate to make bigger and better ideas every day. I love being a part of this incredible community, and bring my own experience to the table to bring new ideas to life. I enjoy designing, planning and working with a strong team to execute a project. I’ve held nearly every role on a project, so I imagine myself holding tools, taking notes or pointing fingers all through the design process; I empathize with everyone I work with. I like teaching people, watching them turn their weaknesses into strengths and grow with each other as they produce great works.

Every day brings new challenges, new opportunities and a new perspective.



BS Mechanical Engineering - Boston University

MFA Technical Direction - California Institute of the Arts

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